Las Verduras

Last name:  Zuckerman

First Name:  Diana


School:  Rondout Valley Central School District

Lesson Title:  Las Verduras  

Brief Description:  Students will learn about Costa Rican culture through the topic of vegetables and using an educational lámina from Costa Rica.  Through the focus on vegetables, they will learn the rules of using the definite articles.

Topic:  Meal Taking / Food

Grammar Topics:  Definite Articles

Keywords:  Educational lámina, names of vegetables in Spanish from the educational lámina and vegetables poster (Appendix A and B)

Language:  Spanish

Skills Targeted:  Culture, Reading, Speaking

Model:  PACE Model      

Class Level:  Middle School - 7th grade


Date:  July 29, 2008

Lesson URL:

                        1.  Students will obtain information from the educational lámina with a partner and provide the information to the class.  (1.1)
                        2.  Students will use the acquired information to demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the educational lámina and the Costa Rican culture.  (2.2, 3.2)
                        3.  Students will heighten their awareness of a variety of healthy vegetables.  Students will increase their knowledge of plants.  (3.1)
                        4.  Students will compare and contrast the variety of vegetables in Costa Rica to those in the United States.  (3.2, 4.2)
                        5.  Students will compare and contrast definite articles in Spanish to the definite article in English.  (4.1)
                        6.  Students will be encouraged to refer to vegetables in Spanish in school, at home and in the supermarket.  (5.1)

                        1.  Educational lámina - Las Verduras (Appendix A) (Mundi Chicle -
                        2.  Vegetable poster in Spanish (Appendix B) (
                        3.  Elmo document projector
                        4.  Projector screen
                        5.  Laptop computer
                        6.  Smart board
                        7.  Digital movie of vegetables, "Las Verduras"
                        8.  Definite Articles Chart (Appendix C)
                        9. The makings for a salad including a large bowl, plates and plasticware.

III.  PROCEDURES:           
A.  Presentation:    
                        1.  Build and activate background knowledge and curiosity by asking questions about the types of vegetables the students like, eat at home and that we eat in the US in general.  Students will use a vegetable poster in Spanish (Appendix B) to respond.
                        2.  Teacher will show digital movie of vegetables from Costa Rica, "Las Verduras".
                        3.  On the Elmo document projector, show students the photo side of the educational lámina, Las Verduras (Appendix A).  Reveal each vegetable one by one.  For each vegetable, ask them if they have ever seen or eaten it before.  If not, would they like to try it?  Show the complete photo side of the lámina and ask what similarities and differences they notice between vegetables in Costa Rica and the US.

B.  Attention:

                        1.  Students will receive a copy of the educational lámina with photos of vegetables on one side and text about the vegetables on the other (Appendix A).
                        2.  Students will look at the text about the vegetables.  What kind of information do they think is included about each vegetable? 
                        3.  Students will work in pairs to skim section 13 labeled "verduras".  What information do they find that tells them about vegetables?
                        4.  Students share the information that they find in the "verduras" section.  We have a discussion including:  What is the importance of the lámina?  How and for what purpose do they think people in Costa Rica use the lámina?  Do we have anything similar to láminas?  What does this lámina tell people about vegetables?

C.  Co-Construct Explanation:
                        1.  Students will work in pairs.  Each pair will be assigned a section (1-12) pertaining to a particular vegetable.  With their partner, each student will fill in the Definite Articles Chart (Appendix C) with the words that follow each definite article that they find in their section. 
                        2.  Using the Smart board with the Definite Articles Chart, students will share their responses with those of the whole class.  Students will take turns writing one of their examples on the Smart board and the other students will add the responses to their chart.
                        3.  Using the Smart board with the Definite Articles Chart filled in, students will explain what they notice about each section of the chart.  What kinds of words are in each section?  What are the connections that they can make between the words?
                        4.  As a class, students and teacher formulate the rules of the definite articles and when to use them.
                        5.  Students and teacher will compare and contrast the definite articles in Spanish with the definite article in English.

D.  Extension Activities (1-2):
                        1a.  Students will individually fill in the appropriate definite articles, according to the rules we formulated, in front of the vegetables on the photo side of the vegetable educational lámina.
                        1b.  Students will share their answers with the class and give their reasons behind each response.

                        2a.  The class will make and eat a salad together.  Students will sign up a few days before to bring in different vegetables (already washed and cut up) and other necessary items to make a salad.  They say what they plan to bring in out loud using the appropriate definite article.  Students can refer to the lámina and the vegetables poster for the names of the vegetables.
                        2b.  On the day of the salad, the students share what they brought for the salad using the appropriate definite article as we prepare it together.

                        1.  Students will become familiar with the use of and possible purposes of educational láminas in Costa Rica. 
                        2.  Students will view photos from Costa Rican markets.
                        3.  Students will become familiar with a variety of vegetables in Costa Rica similar to and different from vegetables in the US.

                        1.  Elmo document projector
                        2.  Projector screen
                        3.  Laptop computer
                        4.  Smart board
                        5.  Digital movie maker                  


Appendix A
Educational Lámina - Las Verduras (photos)


Educational Lámina – Las Verduras (text)

Appendix B
Vegetables Poster

Appendix C
Definite Articles Chart